Our Grandfathers First Investment

Alphonse Abela started his transport business early in 1969. The service was originally started by his father in the 1950’s. They wanted this to be their mission and throughout the years, with plenty of forethought, the right dosage of creativity and a touch of excellence, they managed to build their humble one-man custom, to a fully-fledged thriving business. Ultimately registering his interests in a limited liability company and engaging the services of the latest generation in the family, Raymond, who is now the Managing Director of the Company.

Within Malta’s transport market, Peppin Garage Ltd has recognised the importance of repositioning itself according to new emerging needs so as to be competitive whilst retaining its characteristic first class personalised service. This falls appropriately in line with its asserted maxim that ‘Quality of service should never be discarded at the expense of increased competitivity, since it leads to falling standards and customer dissatisfaction’.

Quality is one of the major values defining Peppin Garage’s pursuit for excellence. Such a challenge has by time become a leading achievement which has placed the business in the limelight. Quality is a recurrent value in all stages of the Company’s service provision. In fact, all vehicles are from world renowned manufacturers – Ford, Peugeot, Toyota and Mercedes. This ensures that services are always appropriate. Moreover, all vehicles are in conformity with the highest possible standards of service, including the legislated certification. The Company carries out the necessary Vehicle Roadworthiness Tests (VRT) regularly, whilst maintaining a documented maintenance track record to ensure compliance of all vehicles. All maintenance work is now being carried out by the owners of Peppin Garage Ltd in their central premises and this after having obtained the necessary certification by the competent authorities to carry out such works. This ensures a hands on approach and an assurance that no compromise is taken for the sake of the costs involved.

Peppin Garage Ltd seeks to ensure that all levels of the provision of its services satisfy a high rating in conformity with the present established standards and procedures. These include cleaning schedules and practices, good maintenance practices, quality control and all related documentation. This goes on to further enhance the good relations that already exist between the Company and its customers who may rest assured that only the best quality of services are supplied and the company is in keeping with all transport safety standards.

Throughout the years, Peppin Garage Ltd has positioned itself in such a way as to enable it to offer a full service for corporate and social events of any size or complexity. Through its very early commissions for service and its involvement in the organisation of large events, the Company has mastered the ways and means of identifying the real needs of its customers, a reality which has acted as an ideal opportunity leading to a maximisation of the Company’s actual potential.
Through a sound and professional set-up, Peppin Garage Ltd is able to offer a wide variety of services for any type of event requiring transport. Excellent organisation, a hard working attitude and a superior handling of the clients’ requests distinguish Peppin Garage Ltd from its competitors. Staff is efficient, flexible, warm and creative.

Through this versatility, Peppin Garage Ltd has acquired valuable experience, placing it at a vantage point from where it can look ahead to a bright and prosperous future in the transport industry. Business is in fact being continuously redirected in a way so as to deal with the exigencies of the day whilst offering the highest standards in transport management and all related services. This will ensure the provision of expertise at any level of assignment by existing and prospective future clients.